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The Transport Golfing Society, Yorkshire


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founded 1930


Current Year Diary


History of TGS

            Our first outing of the new year this month took us to The Oaks GC, we had great            
              weather and excellent hosts, especially Claire who met us at the half way house,              

Current Year Results

    served at the bar and helped serve dinner. We are booked in again for next April 2015.    

Previous Committee Members

            The AGM went well with the new President Terry Burdock taking over from Mike            

Pestereff, Nigel Bostock was appointed Vice President and I have taken over as Secretary.


Current Committee


If you require a copy of the minutes from the AGM please drop me an email. I will also




look at adding a page for meeting minutes in the Members Area.


Results of the Rawlinson Trophy:



    1st Mike Pestereff and Nigel Bostock with 44 points (better back 9)    

Past Glories

            2nd Ian Percy and Bob Willyman with 44 points            
              3rd Eric Hayhurst and Stuart Ingham with 43 points (better back 9)              





Members Area


Our next outing is the Roses Match V's Lancashire & Cheshire on Friday 9th May, at North

              Manchester GC, M24 4PE. Please note refreshments are at 12 noon for 1pm tee time.              





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